Top Three Reasons Companies Hire Traci To Write For Them

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  1. Connects the Dots

Companies have a tendency to make everything more complex than it needs to be. You want a writer that understands what you are trying to say, looks at the bigger picture, and then creates content that is simple, but not simplistic.

Giving voice to a corporation like Morris Group International, with its 14 divisions and partnerships, is no easy task. As our chief blog and case study writer, Browne is adept at learning about our customers, markets and products, and creating fresh content to attract new customers while engaging our core customers. Our blog and case study posts, across 14 different brands and websites, are the foundation for our content and social media efforts. Browne is at the center of that strategy. Her ability to connect with industry experts and trends allows us to create posts that mirror current trends, humanize construction issues, and demonstrate our genuine interest in helping our customers. Her writing not only informs, it educates and positions her as a thought leader and brilliant interviewer. Since Browne started writing for the Morris Group divisions and brands 4 years ago, we have seen an upward trend in website relevance and engagement. Browne is our agent for creating content that drives interest to our website and positions our blog as a resource for our customers. Website content is king, and Traci Browne is leading that effort for us.

Charles White, Vice President Marketing, Morris Group International

Typing On A Vintage Typewriter2. Takes Deadlines Seriously

Some people say creative cannot be rushed. That is all well and good, but they should deliver on an agreed upon deadline. If they tell you something will be done in two weeks, they should have it to you in two weeks. If a publisher needs your article by Friday, your writer should have it to them by Thursday.

Traci currently works with Trade Show News Network and its parent company Tarsus Group as a contributing writer. My favorite thing about Traci as an editor is she truly is a Jack-of-All-Trades. You can literally assign her any subject from plumbing to robots to software and she’ll literally become an expert for the time she needs to write that article and attack it with total passion. She has command of grammar and sentence structure, as well as creating a compelling article. She easily can write about a challenging subject and make is completely understandable for a layman to read. Traci also is very deadline driven and a great communicator on where she is in the process when something is assigned or due.

Rachel Wimberly, President, Trade Show News Network

Industrial engineer in factory3. Writes For Your Customer

It is hard to write about your own products and services because they are your babies. A writer’s responsibility is to your customers. Your writer must turn the things you want to say into content your customers want to read. It’s about them, not you.

Traci is an expansive and prolific thinker. Through her writing, she can bring out unique perspectives and angles on a subject that make even the dullest topic come to life. She works diligently at her craft and goes to great lengths to understand complex subjects. I would not hesitate to recommend her for writing, editing or content strategy assignments of any kind. She has multiple talents.

Michelle Bruno, Editor, Event Tech Brief

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