Are you looking for someone who can help you create customer centric content?

What I do in a nutshell…

I inspire people to do business with you, through the art of storytelling.

The long version of what it is that I do for businesses like yours…

Content marketing is being talked about everywhere in B2B these days, but the truth is it’s been around for a very long time. Marketers have just gotten away from this type of customer centric marketing in favor of talking about benefits and features.

It’s likely you want to create more content your customers want to read, but your staff is just too busy keeping up with creating product specs, sales sheets, brochures and ad copy. The creation of good content your customers want to read is one of the best tasks for a freelance writer. But not just any writer.

You want to hire someone who is capable of not only writing a captivating story, but also one who will keep up to date on your industry’s trends and actually uncover the story. You don’t have time for a writer who expects you to constantly feed them stories.

You want a writer who will email you with relevant story pitches and then do the reporting work necessary to make those stories come to life. You want a writer who knows creating good content doesn’t mean sitting down and typing up 500 words on a blog, but that it’s a 24/7 journalism assignment.

A good writer is an even better researcher. I’ve written technical documentation for IT departments, I’ve ghost written articles on Native American tribes of New York for a magazine and plumbing for a trade publication. I’ve written mobile marketing articles for an award winning blog.

I’ve researched copyright laws as they pertain to the film industry and created a summary report for the filmmaker. That report gave them a quick lesson in copyright law, saving them lots of money in legal fees.

I’ve also written a 300-page book “The Social Trade Show” which was published by Que Publishing in spring 2012.

Why am I good at what I do? Because I’m fascinated by learning about new things and then taking that knowledge and communicating it in a clear and concise way.

Many writers shy away from doing B2B writing. Especially marketing or blog content. Most writers wonder how they are going to make something interesting out of Jig Boring Machines once let alone in a monthly blog. I’m not afraid because I know the great story is always in the customers and how they use your products and services.

So, what do YOU need some help with?

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