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Traci Browne

Freelance Writer
Specializing in Manufacturing with a focus on Emerging Technology, Engineering, Robotics, and IIoT


Top Three Reasons Companies Hire Traci To Write For Them:

  1. Connects the Dots

1. Connects the Dots

Companies have a tendency to make everything more complex than it needs to be. You want a writer that understands what you are trying to say, looks at the bigger picture, and then creates content that is simple, but not simplistic.


2. Takes Deadlines Seriously

Some people say creatives cannot be rushed. That is all well and good, but creatives should deliver on an agreed upon deadline. If they tell you something will be done in two weeks, they should have it to you in two weeks. If a publisher needs your article by Friday, your writer should have it to them by Thursday.

3. Writes For Your Customer

It is hard to write about your own products and services because they are your babies. A writer’s responsibility is to your customers. Your writer must turn the things you want to say into content your customers want to read. It’s about them, not you.


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The retired inventor got up from his chair and started rummaging through some boxes in a back room. Soon he was back at the table and handed the young man what looked to me like a small length of bicycle chain and quietly said, “Imagine the possibilities.”


It was a moment that has shaped my work and one that will stay with me forever.


You see, when I started writing about robotics, I had a lot to learn. I attended a weekly local robotics meet-up to hang out and listen to and observe the handful of roboticists while they discussed what they were working on. The group ranged from young robotics enthusiasts to aerospace engineers.

That particular night, after the inventor gave the young man the bike chain, the discussion bounced from topic to topic, but the teen seemed to be off in his own world toying with the chain—bending it, twisting it, running it through his fingers. Then suddenly, he smiled and looked up at his mentor who quietly nodded and smiled back.


I have no idea what idea that young engineer came up with while playing with the chain. I don’t even know if it involved the use of the chain, but I knew I was witnessing inspiration in its purest form. I may or may not have struggled to hold back a tear.


I love working with engineers and manufacturers of engineered products. They are both inspired and inspiring. Engineers don’t often think of themselves as “creatives,” but creativity is at the heart of everything they do. They are just very analytical, persistent and scientific creatives.


An article about an electronic dog collar isn’t about dogs. It’s about how an engineer could use sensors to monitor health. An article about ionic fluids in space isn’t about space lubricants; it’s about ways to keep mechanisms moving in harsh situations. 


Most importantly, the purpose of this type of content isn’t merely to convince someone to buy your product. Its purpose is to inspire others to begin to create something that seems unimaginable to most people.


When you set out to sell a product, that’s the best you can hope for—a sale. When your goal is to inspire, you become an invaluable resource to people who want to do amazing things.


The stories I write for companies about their emerging technology are the vehicles with which to say to an engineer, “Imagine the possibilities.”


Traci Browne Freelance Writer

Traci is the author of "The Social Trade Show" published by Que Biz/Pearson.


FYI, your articles for MCAA were recognized by MCAA as a model for others to follow. THANKS!

                                           Jim D.


"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Traci Browne on several technical content projects, and she’s consistently fantastic in every way.


She’s the sort of freelancer that I like collaborating with...someone who becomes a “partner in crime” as you work through projects. She’s always prepared—often doing extensive research even before the project launches—and I’ve always found her input valuable in helping us shape the nuances of articles and blogs.


One of Traci’s pieces was the example I used when suggesting my team do more interview-style articles. This eventually led to our team regularly producing interviews and more journalistic pieces with experts, which have become a good complement to our typical long-form tech article.


Traci’s skills as a techie tech writer would be an asset to any team looking to produce high-quality, technically accurate, and interesting technical content. It’s been a pleasure working with Traci, and I highly recommend her!"

Deborah Ray, Executive Editor, Technical Content, Mouser Electronics

"Giving voice to a corporation like Morris Group International, with its 14 divisions and partnerships, is no easy task. As our chief blog and case study writer, Browne is adept at learning about our customers, markets and products, and creating fresh content to attract new customers while engaging our core customers. Our blog and case study posts, across 14 different brands and websites, are the foundation for our content and social media efforts. Browne is at the center of that strategy. Her ability to connect with industry experts and trends allows us to create posts that mirror current trends, humanize construction issues, and demonstrate our genuine interest in helping our customers. Her writing not only informs, it educates and positions her as a thought leader and brilliant interviewer. Since Browne started writing for the Morris Group divisions and brands 4 years ago, we have seen an upward trend in website relevance and engagement. Browne is our agent for creating content that drives interest to our website and positions our blog as a resource for our customers. Website content is king, and Traci Browne is leading that effort for us."

Charles White, Vice President Marketing, Morris Group International



"Traci is not only a fantastic writer, but also a tenacious researcher and professional interviewer. On top of that, she's never missed a deadline in the two years-plus I've been utilizing her as a freelancer. As an editor who regularly assigns freelancers—often with some handholding through the process—Traci has never been even close to difficult, and she continues to deliver above-and-beyond, detail-oriented work. Contract her to fulfill your needs on any content project—for manufacturing, aerospace, technology or other topic areas—and contract her often. You'll be happy with the results."

Sam Hoffmeister, Managing Editor at The YGS Group

Traci's passion for industrial technology really shines, as does her instinct for story-telling. She's a terrific writer and a pleasure to work with. I especially appreciate her care in fully understanding requirements, diligence in communicating, and openness to feedback. Thank you Traci!

Dan W.



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