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Are you looking for a freelance writer who is quick to understand your business, your customer, and what you're trying to accomplish? Look no further. My clients and publishers often say, "I am so glad I found you," upon completion of the assignment. I like to think that's primarily because I did a great job, but I think it has a bit to do with the fact that I love writing about emerging technology and inspiring readers to build things that seem unimaginable.
Do you want to know a bit more about my process and expertise before reaching out? Check out my FAQ.
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Content Strategy Engagement
Inspiration in the form of a Newsletter
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B2B Content Packages

White Papers/Reports/Ebooks - Rates Start at $6000

Looking to create a lead generation magnet? Then you might want to consider a white paper or research report.

Narrative Case Studies - Rates Start at $3000

Don't tell your prospects what you can do for them; show them how you have solved problems for businesses similar to their's in your customer's voice.

Articles (trade pubs, sponsored content) - Rates Start at $2500

This service includes story pitches and follow-up with publication editors through to publishing.

Blog Posts - Retainer Only - Rates Start at $3500

Don't risk plagiarism claims or copyright violation. I will write fully sourced original content and provide licensed images. 

NEWSLETTER - Starting at $6500 per issue

There is an old saying...don't rent when you can own. In the content marketing world, this advice means an opt-in email list of your prospects and customers is the most valuable asset for marketing and sales. Don't you think it's time you started building yours? 

Choose the frequency, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly and I'll take care of the rest. You get one feature article (original content), three curated relevant news highlights specific to your industry, One promotional ad promoting a new product, service, event, person, or company news.

See a sample here.


Looking to produce a white paper, e-book, or report? Have you considered how you'll market it? What about repurposing all that great content? Not sure? This might be the package for you.


White Paper/E-book/Report Plan 

White Paper/E-book/Report (*approximately 3500 words)

• Strategy Meeting

• Landing Page Copy

• Promotional copy

• OpEd for B2B Publication

• Sales Deck

• 3 Blog Posts (pulled from white paper/report)

• E-book (key points from white paper/report)


Are you in need of a Case Study? Have you considered how you'll market it? What about repurposing all that great content? Not sure? This might be the package for you.

• Narrative Case Study (1000-1500 words. Design not included)

• Strategy Meeting

• Case Study Outline

• Landing Page Copy

• Promotional copy and images

• Blog Post Version (condensed case study)


B2B Content

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