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The NaNoWriMo 2020 COVID Edition Journal gives you the holistic experience you are craving during this epic pandemic. While NaNoWriMo focuses on word count and reaching your goals, this journal asks you to embark on a mindful approach and take time for reflection each and every day. 

You will record how you felt at different times throughout the day, leading up to your writing session and immediately after. You will discover what or who is working for or against you and even pass along a little prayer for your muse. 

Yes, you will track your word count, but this journal will give you context for that number. You will soon be able to see trends in days of flow and times of struggle and work on adjusting your day.

The journal includes weekly inspiration and even space to outline your story and build your character’s. So, order one today so you can hit the ground running come November.

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