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What Shape Is Your Content Marketing Supply Chain In?

I was reading an article by George Lawton about Supply Chain Management during COVID-19. While it is definitely worth a read for manufacturers, supply chains are something that every business needs to think about. 

Marketers, consider your own supply chain. Do you rely on just a few writers to create your content? What if one gets sick? Talk to all your freelance writers, agencies, and designers now and ask what strategy they have in place to make sure you’re not left hanging. 

I am strictly a freelance writer, not an agency, so I don’t have a bevy of writers working directly for me. What I do have is a network of other freelance writers that I’m in touch with regularly. We are a tight-knit group and often refer work to one another. If something were to happen to prevent me from working for an extended period, I could easily reach out to an exceptional and qualified writer to pick up the slack. 

Most of the freelancers I know are increasing our hours to keep up with demand. Yes, that’s right—we are in demand right now. While many companies are putting a hold on their content during the crisis, smart companies are doubling down and publishing quite a bit of relevant and appropriate content

Do you need help writing or even just editing your content? Let me know what industry expertise you are looking for, and I might know someone who can help.

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